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In 2016, Heaven Hill’s latest brand, Cold Spell Whiskey came to LEAPamp seeking help increasing awareness of its new challenge shot, through social media.

LEAPamp built an omni-channel, social media strategy that included a unique approach to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The strategy focused on hyper-targeted, aggressive content in an effort to engage Millennials active in the bar scene.

The Objective

Establish Cold Spell Whiskey as the next go-to challenge shot, wherever there’s a party.

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Overall Goal

Quickly stablish a brand presence on social media exercitation.
Increase awareness for the overall brand.
Create an authentic connection with the audience through engaging, relevant content.

The How

An always on social media amplification program was implemented for Cold Spell,
promoting it as the next go-to shot.

Through this approach, LEAPamp could optimize content and ads in real time. By sharing
both user-generated content and creatively executed branded content, LEAPamp could
get a better understanding of the type of content and messaging the audience prefers.

The LEAPamp team produced various types of content that could be distributed across their social media channels and immediately recognized as the Cold Spell brand.


Ambassador Program

A major aspect of this campaign was social media support for Heaven Hill-appointed, on-premise brand ambassadors tasked with amplifying the brand in more of a “grass-roots” approach.

LEAPamp used hyper-targeted content advertising to promote each market with a brand ambassador on the ground. This approach helped build a base of support for Cold Spell in the most important local markets.

Live @coldspell Instagram

    Posting on social media is easy. Creating a good social post takes skill. Our team hopped on conference calls with the ambassadors to inform them of the Cold Spell brand, the “why” behind the project and share some tips photography, hashtagging, and social engagement.

    National Branded Social Channels

    Taking designs created in-house and reposting images from Ambassador-led Cold Spell events, LEAPamp was responsible for the overall growth and performance of the Cold Spell social presence. In no time, the numbers increased.


    in 3 Months....

    LEAPamp’s philosophy of amplifying media without turning up the noise in the fragmented media landscape gained more followers quickly. The initial contract was to last through November, but LEAPamp is excited to continue working with Cold Spell into 2017.


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    Case Study


    case study case study

    Case Study

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