Our digital experience is now influenced by an algorithm created from our internet usage. It’s based on our search history, social media feeds, the music we stream – just to name a few.

Last year, Facebook rolled out their new algorithm that ranks user-based content over publisher-content. Now, the social network is implementing surveys that will enhance this process.

Ramya Sethuraman, Product Manager, from Facebook breaks down the objectives and process of the algorithm:

“The goal of News Feed is to connect people with the posts they find most relevant…That means making sure people see what they want to see – whether that’s posts from family and friends or news articles and videos from Pages they follow.

To do this, we try to understand what people are already doing on Facebook — what they like, comment on and share. We also use surveys to get more context about the posts people want to see and who they want to see them from. Today, we are announcing two ranking updates based on surveys we’ve conducted: one prioritizes the friends someone might want to hear from most and the other prioritizes the links a person might consider most worthwhile.”

What does this mean for social media marketing? You’ve got to move fast.

Social media is constantly changing, and you have change with it. Test new things, regroup and always be willing to adjust. Put your head down and do the research so you can be the trailblazer of trends, not the follower.

Pay to Play
Organic social is dead. While the Facebook algorithm places more value on an ad that is performing well organically, paying for ads is the best way to guarantee that your content will be seen. Whether that be ad placement or influencer marketing, money talks.

Know your audience
A good social media strategy is the key to success. Use insights and consumer habits from your reporting to build a better understanding of your audience. According to Sprout Social, half of consumers follow a brand to learn about new products and services, and 48% of consumers follow brands to be entertained. Understanding who your audience is and building a connection between brand and consumer will help to increase overall audience engagement.

Engage and Entertain
According to Sprout Social, 50% of marketers say posts are more posts that entertain are more effective than discounts and sales content. Knowing your audience and creating visually appealing, engaging content, will draw the consumer in. Stay relevant and be quick to respond.

Algorithms are tricky and there is no way around them if you’re using social media. Take the time to do the research and put yourself in the best position for when these inevitable changes occur. Keep your content purposeful, promote the right content to the right people, and always be willing to adapt.