In 2019, LEAP Group was excited to learn about the Academies of Louisville mission.

The organization, run through Jefferson County Public Schools, connects high schools to businesses and community partners to provide students a hands-on learning experience shaped by real-world careers.

By 2020, the agency network had visited two schools and was excited to partner with Waggener High School’s Web Development/Administration academy, working with students grades 10-12 taught by Debra Robinson. The team met with Ms. Robinson and her students in their classrooms, and also the school’s principal.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools and LEAP Group’s office. Waggener moved to NTI learning for the remainder of the Fall 2020 semester and have started the school year continuing NTI.

The need for real-life education and experiences was still needed, however. When the Academies of Louisville reached back out to LEAP Group in the spring of 2020 to continue the partnership virtually, they were excited to jump on board.

For the next six weeks, members of LEAP Group’s development team will join Waggener’s Web Development/Administration class over Zoom to teach them how to develop a website for a business of their choice.

“This is an opportunity I wish I had when I was their age,” said Eric Kraig, director of software engineering at LEAP Group. “We feel this challenge is in line with what we do regularly at LEAP Group, as well as provides the framework to something they can now build on their own, for any type of business or service.”

Through creating this website, students will learn JavaScript, CodePen, Webflow, and other basic coding skills through members of LEAP Group’s development team.

But that’s not all. LEAP Group wants to provide a competitive edge to the class, so they’ll be giving students the opportunity to choose a business — either fictional or real — and create a website for that brand. The website must include:

· At least three pages and a global navigation.

· A contact form.

· An interactive element.

· A global footer.

The student who creates the best website that meets all of the requirements will receive a custom-made, personalized computer trophy.

“LEAP Group planted roots in Louisville 20+ years ago and we’ve grown into a powerhouse technology and marketing group both locally and nationally,”said John Rivers III, Leap Group’s agency fit consultant. “We’re excited to help foster the next generation of development professionals in our hometown and partnering with the Academies of Louisville is an incredible way to serve the community, empower students and help create future Louisville leaders.”

To learn more about The Academies of Louisville, please visit


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