A successful digital campaign follows one rule: Spend your budget on what’s working. And in today’s stream-everything, choose-your-own-experience digital culture, programmatic advertising through Connected TV is working.

Connected TV, or CTV, is a type of Advanced TV that connects consumers directly to products through their smart TVs or streaming devices.

An August 2020 study found that 62% of adults in the U.S. currently subscribe to a streaming service, and 48% of households that remain tethered to traditional cable or satellite television also reported using paid OTT subscriptions. Netflix alone pulled in 73.08 million subscribers in their Q3 of 2020. The trend of digital content streaming is growing rapidly, and brands that have already investigated its benefits have the opportunity to grow right along with it.

Connected TV not only presents brands with a smarter way to maximize brand awareness, it also utilizes programmatic advertising to allow your business to purchase high-performing online ad space in real time. Capitalizing on this new wave of advertising can help your brand reach its best audience and work within its best budget.

Why Connected TV Advertising Works


It’s Less Expensive.

Casting a wide net with traditional television advertisements means your brand is wasting A LOT of money to design, produce and air untargeted ads to consumers who are not your target audience. Fit Small Business explains that traditional TV advertising can cost “a minimum of $5 per 1,000 viewers for a 30-second commercial. Based on data provided by Adage, a 30-second spot broadcast nationally averages around $115,000 in 2019.”

In contrast, creating and publishing a CTV ad enables your brand to purchase strategic ad spots that place your business in front of relevant consumers. This allows you to spend your budget much more wisely while also saving money overall.

It’s Optimized.

CTV ads allow for a programmatic approach to ad placement and ensures your target audience is reached with relevant messaging. This not only guarantees your ad decisions will be data-driven, but also that your budget will be well-utilized. Instead of blasting a traditional TV ad to thousands of viewers that aren’t looking for your services or products, programmatic and data-driven ads allow your brand to reach its best audience, which means your campaign funnels can perform at full capacity.

An Engaged Audience.

We all know that commercial breaks in traditional television mean one thing: bathroom and snack time! From an advertising perspective, this means that a large percentage of traditional TV viewers won’t even see these ad spots. But because the CTV ad environment doesn’t allow the viewer access to content until they’ve completed ads, the view rate of Connected TV ads is much higher — between 80-97% — and viewers are much more likely to interact with content rather than just passively watch.

It’s clear that the future of advertising is launching within Connected TV, and LEAP Amp is ready to make your transition to CTV ads as simple and effective as possible. Is your brand ready to benefit from in-stream video ads, interactive pre-roll ads, home screen placement ads or a combination of all three? LEAP Amp specializes in designing and launching programmatic CTV ads that are on-brand and on-trend.