Indiana for the Holidays

The United State of Indiana had all the materials for the holidays.

  • Beloved brand
  • Strategic, hyper-targeted media plan
  • Incredible content
  • High-quality, emotional holiday campaign

Since its genesis in 2009, United State of Indiana has curated a large and loyal following of Hoosiers – near and far – because they’ve been doing business the right way: locally.

For the 2016 holiday season, (amp) teamed up with Bayonet Media and United State of Indiana to create content that tugged at the heart and soul of their audience. And maybe even reminded a few displaced Hoosiers to book their plane tickets.


But What Good is an Emotional Video if No One Watches?

“I think one of the coolest things was how adaptable everything was. We would post and ad and see what kind of response it was getting. Then we could go back in and edit the video and change copy, and get it to work better. It was fun to do that real time editing with (amp), and create great content,” said Andrew Quinn, co-founder and story director at Bayonet Media.

(amp) views video as the most compelling form of content in the digital space. That said, a great video requires a great amplification plan to make sure it reaches the target audience.

Bayonet Media, a video production and visual storytelling studio based in Indianapolis, produced the 1:42 video for the brand, and edited social media-length features. It was our job to get it in front of Hoosiers, near and far, at the right place, at the right time and in the right medium. Our primary mediums were Facebook and Instagram.


And We Didn’t Stop There

All the products were there – "Indiana" branded shirts with peonies, the state flower, outlines of the heart with catchy phrases, classic “home” imprints and, of course, illustrations of the late Abraham Lincoln. Not to mention baby items, cozies, drinkware, magnets, post cards and stickers. They just needed to let Hoosiers know Indiana pride products existed.

Before debuting “Home for the Holidays,” we teased the promotion with a short, sweet and effective Thanksgiving Day ad. The video teased the upcoming season, perfect for buying a piece of home for residents and relocated Hoosiers alike.


Every Tuesday for the month of December, United State of Indiana hosted a sale, for one item or for a set percent off the entire site. We let Hoosiers know of the weekly sale through Facebook and Instagram hashtags and promotions.

Home for the Holidays

By the time December 25 rolled around, United State of Indiana woke up to thousands of impressions, nearly half a million video views and over 200,000 engagements under the tree. It was USI’s biggest holiday campaign to date.


Overall sales


Sales increase from their
2015 Black Friday sales

In Total, the Project Received:


349,942 Video views

3,096 Link clicks

862,891 Impressions

243,740 Engagements