Media Strategy

The old method of “spray and pray” is gone. Now, we come up with a plan of engaging with the target audience.

Market + Consumer Insight

The foundation. The starting line. Where it all begins. It's market research that answers the question “who is my customer?” and provides an in-depth understanding of consumer needs and behaviors. It's how we establish your audience segments.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive listening and analysis is our process of continually monitoring the competition. Know your foe - their activities and engagements, their strengths and weaknesses. So you can strategize content that rises above the rest.

Channel Strategy

Getting back to the basics: who, what, where, when, why and how. To effectively distribute content online, you must be able to answer the Five W's - and one H. We’ll determine which channels are best suited to help you achieve your KPIs and business objectives. We’ll put them into a detailed plan – complete with a "Next Steps" section –easily executable.

Content Strategy

With business objectives and KPIs as our guide, we compile a content audit and an audience analysis with channel recommendations and subject matter guidelines, so your internal and external marketing teams always know why they are creating and publishing content.

Persona Development, Voice + Tone

We go beyond the demo. We use empirical research and market data to create representations of your audience segments so we can understand their behaviors, interests and motivations. Then, we can establish a relatable voice and tone for your brand.

Social Behavior Analysis

We know how your customers are using social media. Our social behavior analysis creates user profiles for individual consumers based on past behaviors and social media habits. With this information, content intended for a specific action reaches users most likely to take that action – watch a video, buy a product, read an article, etc.


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