John Frieda was the first to offer women salon-styled hair in their home. But their mission was soon mirrored by competitive brands.

When sorting through hair care #content social media channels, we discovered John Frieda needed to prove they have women’s best haircare interest in mind. And they called on LEAP Amp to help them develop their social identity.

Mood Boards

LEAP Amp looked to their competitor’s social channels and noticed something: They all looked the same.

They had....

A Color Scheme

A Color Scheme

A Theme

A Theme

Photography Direction

Photography Direction

An Overall Mood

An Overall Mood

John Frieda needed the same direction. We sought the following answers from the haircare brand:

And we compared those answers to John Frieda’s current social media situation.
When we got those answers, we assembled a John Frieda Social Media Guide to help exemplify the company on social for the rest of time.

Brand Book


Since April 2016, as a part of LEAP Group’s overall business with the brand, LEAP Amp developed a social media strategy, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

But John Frieda wanted original photography on its social channels. No stock photography here.

LEAP Amp, and our motion storytelling sister studio, LEAP Frame, traveled with the brand to Los Angeles and New York to capture content for the overall Hair Talks campaign.

We carried the John Frieda voice and tone into our community and media management efforts.
This tactic enables us to have one-to-one conversations, that are both authentic to the brand and resonate with the audience.

Results From 2016 - 2017


270% YOY increase in
engagement + video views


Paid efforts have positively impacted organic measures, with organic reach up 250% YOY


Social impressions grew by 20x peaking at 19 million, just in June 2017.

Singular Organic Video

A singular organic video in June 2017 outperformed the entirety of organic performance in June 2016.

LEAP Amp is excited to strategize more #content for the hair care brand into 2018.

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