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John Frieda

Lost in the sea of sameness, LEAP Amp helped the haircare brand develop a social identity

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LEAP Amp brought the blue liqueur back to the future.

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All / 08.17.2018

Humans vs. Robots

By: Ember Marr

In 1868, the first robot portrayal in literature appeared in “Steam Man of the Prairies,” a science-fiction dime-novel by Edward S. Elliot where a steam-powered humanoid helped stranded…

All / 06.20.2018

What Businesses Need to Know Regarding GDPR

By: Hayli Goode

LEAP is in no way offering legal advice nor protection from potential EU GDPR penalties. This…

All / 03.27.2018

5 Tips for Telling your Story in 280 Characters

By: Hayli Goode

In November 2017, Twitter doubled its character count from 140 characters to 280. This increase…


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