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John Frieda

Lost in the sea of sameness, LEAP Amp helped the haircare brand develop a social identity

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All / 02.12.2020
By: Molly Kennedy

Wake up in the morning feeling’ like P Didday. Oh wait. Wrong TikTok.  After much research (and many dance routines learned), I like to consider myself the resident TikToker here at...

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All / 02.04.2020
By: Colleen Donohoue

At LEAP Group, we create content viewers actually want. That’s why our motto is...

All / 02.04.2020
By: Ruby DeWitt

There are few places that can amplify a brand’s message and engage consumers like social...

All / 02.04.2020
By: Ember Marr

MarTech, otherwise known as Marketing Technology, is the term for the software and tech tools...


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