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John Frieda

Lost in the sea of sameness, LEAP Amp helped the haircare brand develop a social identity

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LEAP Amp helped the human resources business develop a human identity.

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All / 09.09.2019
By: Rashmi Hurst

One of our favorite things to do at LEAP Amp is to help brands consistently curate timely, relevant social media content that places your brand ahead of your competition. For us, great...

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All / 08.07.2019
By: Hayli Craig

In 2016, Instagram released its “Story” feature. In addition to posting on their...

All / 07.10.2019
By: Hayli Craig

We’re not shy about our belief that organic content on social media is dead. Mark...

All / 06.05.2019
By: Molly Kennedy

Our digital experience is now influenced by an algorithm created from our...


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