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John Frieda

Lost in the sea of sameness, LEAP Amp helped the haircare brand develop a social identity

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LEAP Amp helped the human resources business develop a human identity.

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All / 06.05.2019
By: Molly Kennedy

Our digital experience is now influenced by an algorithm created from our internet usage. It’s based on our search history, social media feeds,...

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All / 05.08.2019
By: Chelsea Tuttle

What exactly is a Community and Media Manager? I had the same question when I was job searching...

All / 04.03.2019
By: Chelsea Tuttle

The momentum of influencer marketing is underway and isn’t losing steam any time soon. In...

All / 03.20.2019
By: Molly Kennedy

Instagram has announced their latest feature: in-app checkout. This was a...


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