This is a hot topic right now, with the Wall Street Journal reporting Facebook overestimated key video metrics. While this is true and Facebook has both apologized and corrected the problem, it does not mean we should shy away from evaluating Facebook within our marketing and media budgets. While the issue stemmed from inaccurately measuring “Average Viewing Time” of the videos, the data we are using still shows the huge impact Facebook is having on video consumption.

If you're one of the one billion active users on Facebook, then you’ve noticed the huge increase in video content in the news feed over the past year, or so. This isn’t just a trend or solely based on algorithm updates. Facebook predicted soon the platform would be mostly video, and it’s happening before our very eyes. Dynamic content — with sight, sound and motion — is simply more engaging and effective with consumers.

But, as we all know, it’s not as simple as creating a video and posting it to Facebook. You have to do more. We’ve heard it too many times, but “Pay to Play” is real. There has to be the right media plan and budget to make sure the content is seen by the right audience, and that they enjoy their experience.

With the advancements in targeting and ad buying processes on Facebook, your brand is much better off shifting traditional media dollars here where you can optimize in real time and measure the success of your efforts more efficiently.

While Facebook may seem like a “social network” to most users, we know this is one of the biggest media outlets in the world. Meaning, YouTube is no longer the only place you have to house videos and strategically serve it to your audience.

Video ad stats

It’s time we start living in the mindset of real time marketing. Buying ads on Facebook isn’t simply hitting a button and letting it “work its magic.” Buying ads is a skill — one that, unfortunately, a lot have not fine-tuned because it’s easier to hit the boost button and trust a platform over actually caring how the ad is performing during its life cycle.

With over one billion active users on Facebook, there’s no reason not to be testing and amplifying content on the medium. Your ideal audience is literally right at your fingertips, waiting to engage with your next creation.

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