Since 2003, Joyful Noise Record Label has been operating a recording studio and label. In their 14 years of operation, however, the label has grown in size and bands.

Based in Indianapolis, Joyful Noise is working with 13 bands, and are expecting more. And with that growing list, Joyful Noise needed a strategy for each band.

Of course, the record store has its own audience, but each band also has its own fans. They called us in to help maximize their budget for launches, while helping each band stand out against the rest of the instruments in the music industry.

“The Joyful Noise story is special just like every track on every album that their artists produce,” said Ryan Smith, president of LEAP Amp. “These artists have great followings, but we want to help them reach new fans that are seeking new, exciting music.”

Joyful Noise was founded on the idea that a modern label should serve as a filter for fans that are looking for music that really matters. The label puts their followers and their artists first, which is one of the many reasons LEAP Amp is proud to partner with the studio.

And thankfully, we now have an endless supply of good music to listen to as we’re marketing less and mattering more.