Question-based searches are fueling a content craze called the “tutorial.” They take on all forms, from how to achieve a fashion look, a hair style, to how to change your own oil for your car. It’s becoming so popular that, not to sound harsh, if you haven’t watched a YouTube tutorial lately, or recently searched Google for how to do something, you’re missing out on a lot.

Tutorial videos foster product advocacy and keep current customers engaged by giving them new and exciting ways to use your product they may not have thought about before. If they are done well and have entertainment value, these videos give people a reason to come back and stay connected to your brand.

Bustle is just one company using tutorial videos to keep its user-base engaged. The digital destination written by Millennial women and curated for Millennial women, has an extensive YouTube channel that is full of “how-to” content targeted to fit their niche.

They feature beauty videos, body positivity imaging videos and, of course, how to improve your sex life videos. Bustle knows and exploits one very simple notion: They exist for young women, and young women love to watch how-to video.

What’s in it for Bustle? Brand advocacy and a consumer journey that does not end at the website or at the end of an article. It creates a recurring journey that keeps users coming back for more and consuming, sometimes, very long-form engaging content. This advocacy is what has fueled Bustle’s continued success and will for years to come.