What exactly is a Community and Media Manager?

I had the same question when I was job searching and saw an opportunity with LEAP Amp. Quick research indicated LEAP Group was an award-winning digital marketing agency with an attractive company culture, but what exactly was this mouthful of a title? And what did this person do? Fast forward a few years and I’m here to give you a full run-down on Amp’s competitive advantage in digital marketing: The Community and Media Manager role.

According to a recent study by Statista, 91 percent of U.S. businesses are using social media to connect with their current and prospective consumers. Since the early 2000’s, the growth of social media has led to positions being created to help manage the influx of online commentary. Hence, where the “Community” comes from within the Community and Media Manager (CMM) title.

What makes our CMMs unique at Amp is our always-on approach to social monitoring. Engagement with social content doesn’t only occur during the 8-5 workday, and LEAP Amp recognized that. Through intuitive technologies and Amp’s company structure, CMM’s serve as the extension of the brand and “voice” of social channels. They are readily available to brands for every-day responses and live-event support, even if that means a text message after hours.

Additionally, the CMMs provide insightful data of what type of content is resonating with various audiences, as well as the lingo and terminology consumers are using. With continuous platform algorithm changes, this particularly helps with the content creation process to ensure the audience is receiving content that matters to them. However, community management isn’t the only major responsibility of CMMs.

LEAP Amp consistently advocates the necessity of paid media for online content to be successful. This requires a dedicated individual to execute media plans which is where the “Media” comes into the CMM title. And with social media marketing spending expecting to exceed 17 billion dollars in 2019 alone, brands should certainly have this type of team member in their corner.

CMMs at Amp are responsible for making sure paid media execution is a perpetual component to a brand’s digital success. Whether it’s optimizing spends or recommending new tactics, CMM serve as the liaison between the brand and its audience, continually delivering results and insights.

While these are the two main functions of CMMs, we certainly have other responsibilities ranging from new business strategy sessions to agency marketing, like writing blogs to explain their positions in more depth. (See what I did there?)

If you feel your brand could benefit from having a dedicated Community and Media Manager, let’s talk.