One of our favorite things to do at LEAP Amp is to help brands consistently curate timely, relevant social media content that places your brand ahead of your competition.

For us, great marketing starts with understanding your audience. We find this information by leveraging the most advanced digital listening technology to develop engaging content for the brands we work with – directly informed by real-time audience and AI-powered market insights. Here’s how it works:

  1. Always Start with a Smooth Operator

    With roughly 22 operators, LEAP Amp has access to the largest range of Boolean operators allowing us to quickly create highly complex queries that drill into the digital conversations most relevant to your brand and campaigns.

  2. Identify Your Competitors
    Those same operators help us understand the digital conversation around your specific campaigns and your competitors to highlight key gaps and opportunities.

  3. Find Out How Popular You Really Are

    We can’t tell you the number of times a brand has come to us with their entire social budget optimized toward engagement, only to find their share of voice is less than 1% and no one on the East coast has heard their name. Conversely, we’ve seen household name brands that dominate the conversation, but with no perception of how they are being discussed.

  4. Understand Sentiment

    Your brand could hold 60% share of voice against competitors around a specific topic, but it could all be negative. Then what? Real-time social listening gives us invaluable insight into sudden spikes in positive, negative, and neutral conversation around the topics that matter most. This, in turn, arms our always-on community management team with insight into how to react to the right user, at the right time, on the right channel.

  5. Ditch the Vanity Metrics

Gone are the days where brands are impressed by how many people liked, commented or shared one of their posts. We help our clients understand more than just how many times their brand was mentioned, where it was mentioned and who mentioned it. Our team of Boolean experts craft intricate queries to help dissect digital mention volume to understand potential audiences in real-time.

Check this out:
One of our clients is a loan agency that aims to help people refinance auto loans quickly and easily. One day, we started to see an influx of mentions like these below:



During our Discovery Phase, we learned life events often precipitated the need for auto loan refinancing – things like planning for college, moving, etc. While these ad sets were performing above industry average for metrics such as CTR, what emerged from detailed social listening queries was an increased overlap in mentions of divorce and strenuous car payments. We took these spikes in mentions across forums, blogs, social media, news outlets, videos, etc. and quickly created an ad set that targeted recently divorced individuals.

Uncovering numerous comments, like the ones above, helped us shift targeting for our client in a timely manner, increasing CTR by a whopping 134% week-over-week. In fact, this ad set continues to outperform industry benchmarks every day.

Stop ignoring your DMs. Start listening and responding in real-time to ensure your clients’ marketing dollars are mattering more.